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employee on-board - Fortis QuayThe Quay Method™ recommends all new employees complete the selected modules at the beginning of their employment and stay on a regular cadence as new training is rolled out on hot topics. For existing employees, training will be calendared in accordance with selected timeframes, departments, and number of users the knowledge assessments recommend.

The Quay Calculator™ and the knowledge assessments are the primary drivers of the roadmap for The Quay eLearning Modules™. Announcements for each module will be made a month in advance of delivery and all present Fortis Quay, Inc. users will have the option to roll these new modules onto their training calendars.

Organizations rarely go through as formal of a departure process as Fortis Quay, Inc. recommends for optimal information governance. Just like the processes of creation, management, and deletion of data must be planned, an employee's onboarding and exit must also be planned. Fortis Quay, Inc. is positioned to create departure policies and procedures, modules, and checklists for organizations seeking to reduce information governance risk and to protect themselves. We do this with special consideration for legal hold and recommend how data should be managed at the time of departure.

Knowledge assessments are a necessary tool in order to help organizations understand the level of awareness and risk within their organization. Much like a proof of concept, knowledge assessments show decision makers, through empirical data, how far their employees are from understanding these crucial concepts. The C-level suite may take this control group test on one of the modules, a control group of employees may do so, or some variations thereof in order to sample the level of understanding in relation to job title and department.

The Quay Method™ recommends that an organization begin a knowledge assessment with 5% of their total employee base, at least six different departments, and at least three different job descriptions. After the results are analyzed, decision makers select a variation of The Quay eLearning Modules™, elect to create Custom eLearning Modules, or some variation of the two.

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Ensure that employees understand their obligations for legal hold and reduce risk for the organization


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This module is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation.


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