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legal - Fortis QuayIn the digital era, the General Counsel and the legal department have emerged as the de facto decision makers on many of the technologies involving information governance and eDiscovery. This trend was solidified in 2012, when the buyer persona for archiving and eDiscovery software was overwhelming in legal. This is understandable given the liabilities associated with being in the in-house legal department and the expenses associated with litigation. The increase in global commerce, the proliferation of electronically stored information (ESI), and the resulting rise in lawsuits are the driving forces behind this development.

Fortis Quay, Inc. can partner with an organization to address these challenges by

  • Assessing appropriate eDiscovery and information governance deployment models for an organization’s litigation profile, budget, and resources
  • Developing litigation holds and document retention policies
  • Evaluating technology and making recommendations for implementation
  • Negotiating with partners for the best outcome for clients purchasing software
  • Prescribing a workflow through custom eLearning modulesto or proprietary Quay Method™ modules to ensure long term compliance specific to an organization and their software
  • Measuring employee understanding and compliance through reports generated for upper management
  • Consulting on the best course of action to mitigate risk, decrease legal spending, and lower malpractice premiums related to the management of information

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Ensure that employees understand their obligations for legal hold and reduce risk for the organization


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eDiscovery Best Practices

This module is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation.


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