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mergers & acquisitions - Fortis QuayWhen companies embark on a merger or acquisition, the last area of consideration is what will happen with the acquired information management systems and how they will be incorporated into the fabric of the larger organization. It is somewhat surprising how little attention is paid to the data considering information can be a valuable asset or a dangerous liability. In fact, some of the largest acquisitions in the past five years have had serious complications with information integration at their core. This trend is forcing information governance hygiene to be examined pre-acquisition, obviating unwanted surprises and making the integration process more seamless. Data valuations are becoming more and more common as parties realize data can be valued just as any other asset, and in fact needs to be.

Fortis Quay will  

  • Consult pre-acquisition on information governance and data hygiene of the potential acquisition to mitigate risk or unexpected lawsuits and liabilities
  • Work with due diligence teams to educate them on the impact of data valuation on any potential offer
  • Work with the acquiring company's information management stakeholders to plan for incorporation of target company's data systems, policies and employee training

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Ensure that employees understand their obligations for legal hold and reduce risk for the organization


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This module is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation.


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