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Federal Government - Fortis QuayThe Federal Government is at the apex of making the transition from the paper to the digital age. The tension between record keeping and running an efficient government always presents key questions about how information governance will be implemented. Several key drivers are pushing the federal government to address their information governance challenges at an accelerated pace. The most important is the Presidential Memorandum and subsequent Directive from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).This Directive requires that all agencies must have plans to manage all electronic records by December 31, 2013 and must be compliant by December 31, 2019. This means that all agencies are facing very important decisions that will impact not only their record keeping, but also how they conduct FOIA requests, discovery, and how they manage their data holistically. The NARA Directive provides agencies with the opportunity to look at their ESI issues with a critical eye toward solving multiple issues. Additionally, many federal agencies are managing their litigation hold procedures manually. This process leaves agencies wide open for spoliation claims and makes the legal hold process quite risky. Automating and streamlining litigation hold is a necessary aspect of information governance in today's world.

Federal Government agencies must be prepared to

  • Respond to FOI requests
  • Conduct internal investigations
  • Litigate
  • Manage the large volumes of information the government has requested from organizations
  • Protect the private information of their citizens
  • Exercise stringent security measurements
  • Manage Mobility and Portability usage of employees

Fortis Quay, Inc. can consult federal governmental agencies by

  • Evaluating technology providers to ensure compliance with the Directive and assisting with purchasing decisions
  • Developing policy, workflows and best practices modules to ensure employees understand key concepts associated with managing information
  • Providing defensible training strategies for new employees and security protocols for departing employees in order to safeguard data breach
  • Information governance and data hygiene consulting through data mapping to mitigate risk, unexpected lawsuits and other unforeseen liabilities
  • Develop the Information Governance Committee™ to manage ongoing innovations, laws, regulations and risk in the jurisdictions of organizational operation
  • Policy creation, technology selection and employee training

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This module is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation.


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