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charities - Fortis QuayWhile charities don't typically have active litigation profiles, they still struggle with the same information governance challenges that many commercial and government agencies do in the digital age. Charities are also managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as Personal Credit Information (PCI).  

Fortis Quay, Inc. aims to make the world a safer place with regard to information governance risk. We pay it forward by donating to charities that our users select. The one thing these charities all have in common is that they make the world a safer place. We also believe that each of us matters to the whole, and that making a difference happens one step at a time.

We reward high scores on our Quay Method™ by donating to the user’s charity of choice from our menu and by donating our training to charities that need to safely manage information and to mitigate risk. Please contact us to explore how we can help you and your charity make the world a safer place.

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This module is an indispensable tool for organizations that want to reduce the costs and risks associated with litigation.


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