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predictive CODING Best Practices - Fortis QuayAt this juncture in the evolution of legal technology, the benefits of using predictive coding to increase accuracy, decrease the costs associated with linear manual review and save time are undeniable. Multiple cases in the U.S. have used this technology and judges are increasingly comfortable with the process to expedite discovery. This module gives the organization a foundation to understand predictive coding, how they may defensibly use the technology, strategies for increasing accuracy and reducing costs, and finally, a resource for their outside counsel to use in order to keep their processes consistent. It is important for organizations to know when the use of predictive coding is appropriate and strategically beneficial. Not all cases are suited for predictive coding. Moreover, organizations are looking at the use of predictive technology to help them in other areas of information governance, such as classification for records management and defensible deletion. The time is now to begin to leveraging predictive coding, as many other industries have been using this technology for some time.

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